How do I know how many people are visiting my site?

Use the tools you are paying for as part of your hosting plan.

Some people like to put visible hit counters on their pages. These are fun, but bear in mind that the tally can be edited and that results are not very accurate.

Probably a better way is to watch the number of "visitors" using one of the web server log analysis programs such as Urchin, Analog, AWStats, or Webalizer. Web hosting providers usually offer at least one of these as part of your plan while some will let you install your own log analysis software. They provide other useful information, for instance, if you change the name of a page and forget to change the links to it (broken links), error "404 page not found" will start showing in your web stats.

Urchin visitor statistics screen shot

Addendum: Google Analytics was not available when I made this page, but it has lots of features and I have been using it for several sites. (September 2009)

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