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Living with a Siamese cat

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Sleeping Ling Ling - June 2002

Ling Ling is a male seal point Siamese (Asian short hair) cat born February 18, 1988, in Rubicon WI. Although he was naturally blessed with an abundance of vocalizations (listen to an example in QuickTime MOV or WAVE format), as a young cat he studied ornimentation with a well known Milwaukee musician. Although Ling Ling likes most music, he draws the line at crumhorn and bagpipes.

Yes, he is named after the famous female panda bear! Baby pandas and Siamese kittens both resemble rats.

We admire them for their beauty, grace, and the hint of ferocity that shows their kinship with lions and tigers -- then they treat you to a big dose of the warm fuzzies by snuggling up and purring. Cats can teach people a lot about how to be comfortable and relax too.

Ling Ling inspecting packages

Ling Ling inspects newly unpacked presents from my brother and sister-in-law.

Happy Holidays 2001!

Ling Ling LOVES presents. I usually leave a few pieces of wrapping paper on the floor for him to shred -- good aerobic exercise plus it keeps him from choosing papers from my inbox.

Photo of Siamese cat in pine tree

Photo by my sister, Connie L. Graff.

Ling Ling in the country

In July 1998 Ling Ling accompanied me to my parents house, quite a treat for a city cat. In their yard are several pine trees including a pair that are just about perfect for hanging a hammock. What you see in the photograph is the cat perched on the branch of one of those pine trees. What you don't see is my sister Connie taking the photograph.

What you don't hear is the breeze sighing through the pines and the cat occasionally giving his "just checking to see if you are still there" meow. There are bird calls and insect sounds. Occasionally a car will drive by on the country road on the other side of the house.

The story of how we got Ling Ling

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