Hoan Bridge from the harbor

Hoan Bridge looking west from the harbor

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Thelma Lubkin has an on-line cookbook that includes many low salt, low sugar, vegetarian, and ethnic recipes.

If you enjoy a good cup of tea while sitting in front of your computer thinking of yet more wonderful ways to use grep or catching up on the latest news at Slashdot or reading I, Cringely, you can now order from the Upton Tea web site.

A correspondent passed on this slide rule site link during a trip down memory lane about what it was like to be a female Nerd/Geek in the 1960's. Enjoy!

In 50 years, the computer you are using to view this will be landfill, but your trusty slide rule will just be nicely broken in.
slide rule photo

Pickett model N-500-T log log slide rule © 1962

Visit Bob Stein's Visibone site - I particularly like his printed, laminated color cards. He provides a number of free on-line services for web developers, such as simulations of how colors appear for different kinds of color deficient vision.

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