Page layout gallery

Blue and Tan

The border and cat graphics are clip art that came with PageMaker 7. The border reminds me of Japanese textile patterns.

I have set a margin to keep the lettering away from the border pattern.

Let us suppose I want to use a font that not everyone has on their computer, such as Papyrus. I have the two headings at the top of the page set for that font. If they don't look like the graphic below, that means you probably don't have that font installed on your computer or your browser is ignoring the style sheet.

decorative font title graphic image

By making a graphic, the special font comes through. I have the default font set as sans-serif, so with that and the angular border, the more rounded font provides a nice contrast.

For the links below, I am using the "trail of breadcrumbs" approach. This metaphor is somewhat strained because the link order doesn't necessarily denote the path by which you reached this location, but rather what I have decided is a logical location designation.