Kathy A. Graff

Business experience

Professional Consulting

Providing computer support, web design, publishing, database design, and assorted services since 1990. Clients include non-profit organizations, small businesses, and private individuals.

Extendicare Health Services / Virtual Care Provider

Managed an OS/2 server on a Token Ring network to schedule jobs to move payroll and accounts receivable data between SCO UNIX servers at remote facilities and AS/400 computers at home office. Wrote custom REXX scripts, including QA procedures for checking data. Adapted server from running a modem pool to FTP transfers when frame relay network rolled out. Replicated the server on an NT machine using Perl scripts and the AT scheduler to comply with change of platform decision.


Developed new methods and adapted methods for new or unusual materials. Performed analyses of inorganic fine chemicals and ceramics for Quality Control program. Documented lab procedures and results.

Lachat QuickChem

Developed and documented analysis procedures for Flow Injection Analysis instruments. Provided tech support and training for customers and sales staff. Investigated feasibility of an Ion Chromatography line of instruments.