Kathy A. Graff

Academic work

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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

I worked in a number of departments and took classes as an auditor.

WATER Institute sign with tanker in background

WATER Institute

Designed web pages, wrote Perl CGI and DBI scripts to retrieve water quality data from Linux servers.

Information & Media Technologies

Provided on site, walk-up, phone, and email tech support. Assisted in training for use of UNIX computers and the internet as well as personal computers.

Geosciences Department

Provided lab support for academic program. Repaired and designed analysis equipment. Assisted in setting up department network and managing student computer labs.

University of Wisconsin System, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Designed a student tracking database system for the Multicultural Information Center, provided tech support and desktop publishing.

Shorewood Public Schools

Taught use of Macintosh computers in the adult recreational program.

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Taught physical science and history of technology classes in the Liberal Arts program.

Medical College of Wisconsin

Managed a lab for the Ophthalmology Department (located in the Eye Institute) involved in virology, tissue culture, HPLC analysis, and therapy studies.

Stockton State College

Taught air pollution and water pollution control classes in the Environmental Studies department. Taught other science and math courses.

University of Utah

Participated in basic research in Field Flow Fractionation for J. Calvin Giddings' research group in the Department of Chemistry. Wrote and edited papers for publication.

University of Illinois

School of Chemical Sciences

Teaching assistant for Quantitative Analysis class in the School of Chemical Sciences while in PhD program. Developed new lab experiments.

School of Engineering

Research Assistant in chemistry of Portland Cement research program.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

While an undergraduate student in the Chemistry Department, performed lab preps, tutored, supervised some student labs under work study program.

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