Kerry Rally

Water Street, Milwaukee WI USA, 1 November 2004

The temperature was a bit on the raw side and it rained steadily the whole time. I adjusted levels using Photoshop, it was actually a lot darker than the photos indicate. The Democrats met outdoors. The Republicans met with President Bush indoors at the Cellular Arena.

Because I voted at City Hall earlier, I could crash out on election day. Glad I didn't miss this one.

John Bon Jovi warms up the crowd.

Acoustic instruments in the cold and rain, what troopers!

Waiting in the rain

Volunteers went around with towels to tackle the puddles in the seats. That evening when I watched the national news, could see Sally's blaze orange poncho.

Me, Sally, Eldeen in rain garb.

Senator Kerry and daughters on stage

The speech


Get Out The Vote volunteers leaving rally.