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Welcome to the first known non-graphical web site. This is the newest trend -- this site is pretty much invisible to users of the latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer unless they are clever enough to view the source code.

Why have I done this? Just one person too many walked in to the consulting area saying they just bought a new pentium PC with Windows95 and want their "Internet Access" (without making any effort to understand how computers work). Sorry folks, that only means that you have money or credit and believe glitzy advertising. It doesn't make you cool any more than buying certain brands of beer will make men irresistable to attractive, young women.

As I have been telling people who come here, once you login to your alpha account, you are on the Internet. That is the REAL Internet, the one that was there before the commercial folks even thought of going to the venture capitalists in their quest to make money from "recreational users" -- see Neil Trilling's essay for an idea of how things used to be.

April 2, 1997
Kathy A Graff, BOL 206, (414) 229-6421.